O Naturismo é uma forma de viver em harmonia com a Natureza caracterizada pela prática da nudez colectiva, com o propósito de favorecer a auto-estima, o respeito pelos outros e pelo meio ambiente.

segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2014

INF - Focus Dezembro 2013

Federation Focus
December 2013

I would like to apologize for the lateness of this and the previous issue of Focus.  As publisher, the responsibility for the delay is mine.  We aim to publish during the first couple of weeks of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December.  Being about 7,000 km away from the INF office and in a time zone that is delayed by 6 hours has made using the secretariat’s resources challenging. As a result, I am revising the process of producing Focus so that it can be produced in a more timely manner.

Yours naturally,
Stéphane Deschênes
Assessor Non-European countries
Publisher of Focus

Subscribing to Focus

The Central Committee has decided to open the distribution of Focus to anyone who is interested. A subscription form will be added to the website. In the meantime, you can invite others to subscribe using the following links:


A New Federation

We are pleased to welcome a new federation to the General Assembly. Mexico is the latest country to join the international fellowship of the International Naturist Federation. 

Federacion Nudista de México, A.C.

As per their statutes, the associations’ purpose is:
To promote the practice of social and family nudism in Mexico as a form of living together, recreation, self-acceptance of others, at any stage of life, regardless of sex, social or economic status, sexual preference or marital status, by way of the implementation of educational, artistic, cultural, social, sport, recreational, tourist, scientific and regional traditional activities, aimed at disseminating and promotion of social and family nudism.

Naturist Family Gathering in Germany

The 2014 Naturist Family Gathering has been announced. It will be held August 1-10, 2014 at Rosenfelder Strand (FKK) and the FKK-Camping Ostsee on the Baltic Sea in Germany. The international naturist run will be held on August 9th.

More details at:

Internationaler Naturistenlauf

34th INF Congress
Sept. 11-14, 2014
Lough Allen Hotel & Spa
Drumshanbo Co Leitrim


Remember to tell your member clubs to keep their listing up to date. They can login and edit their own club listing. If they have forgotten their login or need to register, just tell them to contact the INF.

About Focus

Focus is published by the INF for its member federations. You are welcome to redistribute it to your members or use any of the content in your local country's publications. If you need any of the texts or images in another format, please contact the INF General Secretariat at: naturism@inf-fni.org

We also welcome contributions from member federations. Please send us news about what is happening in your country and we will share it with the rest of the world.

Central Committee of the INF:

Sieglinde Ivo (AT) - president@inf-fni.org
Mick Ayers (ES)-vicepresident@inf-fni.org
Rolf Beat Hostettler (CH) -treasurer@inf-fni.org
Assessor Europe:
Bernd Huijser (NL) eu-assessor@inf-fni.org
Assessor Non-European countries and Publisher of Focus:
Stéphane Deschênes (CAN) ww-assessor@inf-fni.org
President Legal Commission:
Hervé Begeot info@inf-fni.org

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Trip to France

Following the success of the July 2013 group trip to  the CHM Montalivet, Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Canada has decided to make it a yearly event. The trip is not only open to Canadians. Last year, the travellers were from Canada, the US, and Belgium. For their first trip in 2013, there were 29 people.  They hope that even more people will join them this year for a few weeks of vacation and international naturist fellowship.

Details of the 2014 trip can be found here:

News from Israel

The Israeli Naturist Community invites all the naturists around the world to a naturist event.

The event will be at Hamei Ga'ash hot springs spa near Tel Aviv in Israel.
We will spend our time around the pools, singing, dancing, swimming and celebrating birthdays.

Hamei Ga'ash has both outdoor and indoor pools and also includes hot tubs, thermal showers, saunas and dressing rooms. The hamburger stand and cafe will be open.
If you would like to join the naturists of Israel at this event please register at the following link:


All the events will begin at 19:00 and last until 1:00 AM.
Future events in 2014 will be held at the same place on Thursday:

16th  January 2014
6th    Febuary 2014
27th  Febuary 2014
20th  March 2014
24th  April 2014
29th  May 2014
26th  June 2014
4th  September 2014
2nd October 2014
30th October 2014
27th November 2014
25th December 2014

News from PortugalPortugal
The Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo has elected a new board:
President - Rui Elvas
Vice-President - Isa Elvas
Vice-President (secretary and budget)- Paulo Garcia


News from Brazil

Brazil Beach

Dear Sieglinde Ivo – President of the INF-FNI,

            Our Brazilian Naturist Federation – FBrN has been under a very special moment of joy – within the present year, which is the one for celebrating FBrN’s 25th anniversary of existence – as its official website has been satisfactorily put available again for broad access. It had been completely ruined by an internet hacker, so that only by now it could be reset, and also by when the just-constituted “Organization Area” (jtannus@fbrn.org.br), together with its “Publicizing Management (rodrigues.coaching@gmail.com), put their activities into practice.

            Our e-mail address (presidencia@fbrn.org.br), telephone number (55-71-8197-1677), as well as regular mail address (P.O. Box 105, CEP 48.180.000 – Entre Rios, Bahia, Brazil) remain the same. We are also on facebook (facebook.com/federacao.naturismo) and twitter (twitter.com/federacao_oficial) social networks.

            Throughout these 25 years of age of our Brazilian Naturist Federation, many targets have been accomplished ever since naturist Celso Rossi founded it. The FBrN has proudly and duly given its recognition to the people responsible for such successful path, by awarding in 2013 with the corresponding Acknowledgment Certificates its former and vice presidents, who directly enabled such achievements. However, as the world is under a permanent change, it is necessary for all of us to always be adapting ourselves to new circumstances. Within this first quarter of a century of our existence, the one thing which is not expected from us to be changed is our belief in the values that have always been the pillars of the Naturist Life Philosophy, professed and defended by INF-FNI over the last 60 years. Such sturdy values are FBrN’s pointing needle on the proper policies and guidelines to take.

            Such instrumental energy - resulted from an enthusiastic and family-related naturism with relevant signs of pure acts - is the great transforming tool within the new and present century. The egocentric individualism and exasperating money-consuming attitudes – characteristics of our contemporary capitalist society – can find in the naturist life philosophy their perfect antidote. That is why the naturist movement has grown both within Brazil and Latin America. Not only has the number of naturists and their supporters increased, but so has the number of new branches enrolled to the FBrN, which are currently in the figure of 37 ones in its whole. Annually, they are submitted to assessment, so that afterwards they can be granted to receive their Official Naturist Area Certificate of the corresponding year. We have today strong links with Argentinean, Chilean and Uruguayan naturist entities, with whom we then have established Intention Protocols, those that turn us all into brothers of one ideal in common. Four (4) ELANs – “Encontros Latino-Americanos de Naturismo” (Naturist Latin American Meetings) have already taken place, with FBrN’s decided upon participation. The Fifth ELAN is scheduled to take place in Uruguay, in March of 2014, and the Sixth ELAN is to take place in Mexico, in 2015. With the recent upbringing of the Mexican Naturist Federation, this one additional partner comes towards us all carrying out the important mission of disseminating the naturist life philosophy throughout the Americas.

            Moreover, ever since former president José Antônio Ribeiro Tannús’ management, the beginning of FBrN’s revitalizing and professionalizing process took place by utilizing highly-acclaimed techniques universally applied in management activities (we are, therefore, not  “reinventing the wheel”), to then allowing the bringing up – in 2011 and part of 2012 – of the on-the-spot awareness of all naturist organizations within continental Brazil. The on-the-coast periplus entitled “FBrN na ESTRADA” (FBrN on the ROAD), which covered an extent of thousands of kilometers, allowed FBrN an intense interactivity with its enrolled partners, from the Amazonas State down to the Rio Grande do Sul State, also right from Brazil’s Atlantic Coast to its Central Plateau. Successful experiences have become universalized. On the other hand, both demands and dearths have consequently also been detected. Thus, the “Programa de Qualificação de Dirigentes Naturistas” (Naturists’ Leaders Competence Program) came out, of which we should highlight the “Naturismo em Seus Contextos” (Naturism in Its Contexts) Course, fruit of the never-before published Intentions Protocol established by FBrN together with FACCAT – “Faculdades Integradas de Taquara RS” (University of the City of Taquara in Rio Grande do Sul State), through which naturism and academic interests were joined together.

            The number of events has increased considerably, and a great advance was obtained by the time we were enabled to plan and execute the “Programa Integrado de Eventos da FBrN 2011-2013” (FBrN’s Integrated Program of Events 2011-2013). Currently, the 2013-2015 Program is under development, which has a greater number of official naturist activities already foreseen. We have been struggling so that the upcoming Integrated Events Program is given a start along with the one of the Worldwide Naturist Congress, to be held in Brazil in 2016.

            Special emphasis has been given on the required use of the INF Card. Awareness campaigns are permanently carried out and several encouraged attitudes and benefits have also been implemented.

            FBrN acts intensively in organizing the Social Capitalization of places and their surroundings, where Brazilian naturist organizations are located. FBrN encourages and motivates its branches for the developing of the correct, either social or environmental, activities to then be carried out. Such social and environmental insertion has been leading FBrN and its branches to take part of Official Municipal Council Committees, as well as of either regional or state instances in such remarkable areas of contemporary concerns.

            The regained chances of naturist intellectuals and writers to be meeting each other have stimulated the production of the Brazilian naturist creative writing - not only with the launching of new book editions, but also with the publishing of various magazine and newspaper articles, as well as invitations for thematic lectures.

            But the growth of naturism in the last decade has also caused preoccupying and threatening commercial and financial interests to arise, which have been seen out of the naturist activities as an important marketing niche opportunity for money gaining, with no expressed commitment to the naturist life philosophy. As an even worse risk, such activities have been inserted amid the naturist scope in a stealthy and enthralling way. It is a must for us to keep alert against the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, these who soon captivate the unaware and naïve, yet helpful, people so that the power of influence they are exposed to can dangerously broaden away. Therefore, on this lies the importance of FBrN’s website’s comeback, which will provide official information, awareness and qualitative material for both reading and entertainment purposes.

            Within the upcoming 15 months, a remarkable ultimate leap on quality will be given the Brazilian naturism by us, for the preparation of FBrN’s renewed management which is to take place between 2015 and 2017.

With our best naturist regards,Brazil logo

João Olavo Rosés / FBrN President

José Antônio Ribeiro Tannús / FBrN Vice President

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